If there is such a thing as an honest poet it’s him. Brilliant title actually says it in one word.

Our memories are short when our lives are longer,

We’re shut out when we shout out,

Doesn’t matter, few listen,

A poet says it,

A young girl spoke it,


We’re there again,

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Hyde's miners

Were dead too soon

For Thatcher to crush again

Delayed by history, our bus

Abandoned at the traffic lights

Where the old Hyde Lane

Becomes Manchester Road

We should have walked onward

Or at least made contingency plans

For being betrayed. I offered to help

With the banners if necessary, but I

Was more ornamental than useful

I marched, and was arrested. Twice

Once for being an obstruction

And once for being drunk. I doubt

I made a difference

I rolled a joint

Shared in solidarity

Watched a magpie fight a pigeon

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I'm not sure whether it's the coffee I drank half an hour ago but my heart is beating faster in my chest after reading that.

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That was nuts,but awesome..

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WAKE UP! Searing.

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This is metal, honest, and a thing of beauty.

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Every time you post one of David's poems, which has been fairly often lately, I just think of the immense pride and pleasure he would take at being offered a seat at the table with all the great writers that have been represented here. And the louder he told you he didn't give a shit about all that, the more you would know he did. As far as the earlier comments, it's true, he didn't get enough love and affirmation from his mommy, daddy or the world at large, but he didn't let that stop him from blowing chorus after chorus. There's is a great quote in a forward to an edition of the Robert Bolaño book The Savage Detectives that goes "The real history of Latin American literature in it's forgotten poets". We have a different poetic tradition in our language , and with your help that's not happening to David Lerner.

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Fuck all!

Praise Jesus!


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my thought is he should rewrite this ,start from the bottom line then move upward like a volcano or a blackhead or a boil ,

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I'd cut this in half. I love the first part so much, but you lost me halfway through. What if they were call and response? There's a lot here to hate/love/throw up with. Cheers! Lisapoint7metaltip

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“ because they’re after us” - indeed

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I just read it again.BRAVO!!!

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If rage and fighting was the answer

we all would be in Nirvana by now.

love is the answer David....

try it.....sew it....then SOW IT!

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Wow. Makes my toes curl & my cock get hard.

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